After 4 years of mobilizing education supporters and delivering a strong pro-public-education message to elected officials from Western North Carolina, WNC for Public Education made a strategic decision to disband our alliance in favor of supporting other public education advocacy organizations with broader reach. Each of us who engaged in advocacy through WNC4PE remain fully committed to speaking out for our region’s public schools, and rather than duplicating the efforts of other organizations are now involved directly with them.

We encourage you to explore advocacy opportunities offered through these organizations:

WNC for Public Education was fortunate to have the support of concerned citizens, including parents and educators, across Western North Carolina who advocate for children by working with lawmakers and informing voters to ensure our public schools have ample resources to provide quality education. Although our alliance has officially disbanded, we all still believe that a strong public education is an essential cornerstone for thriving communities, and that all NC’s children deserve to attend public schools that096 (2)

  • are conducive to learning
  • are well staffed with supportive adults
  • provide quality instruction, and offer minimal exposure to standardizing testing and assessments

We believe that support for public education in our region transcends political division. If you share our passion for public education, we encourage you to get involved in your school, your community, and in the statewide discussion about the future of our public schools.

Wonder what regional candidates said (or didn’t say) about education during the 2016 election? Download our Education Voter Guide or view the interactive online version to see if the public education values you share are being represented in Raleigh.